Certified Instructors


  • Jim wills, Founder, Chairman of the Board for Firestorm

    Jim wills

    Chairman of the Board for Firestorm

    Jim Wills has over 30 years of on the ground wildland fire experience and over 25 years in the classroom teaching. Jim taught wildand fire courses for 7 years at Shasta Junior College and has been training in the classroom and in the field with Firestorm since its inception. Since 2007, Jim has been a lead instructor in over 80 wildland fire classes, totaling 1175 hours. Jim is qualified as a Strike Team Leader, Burn Boss Type I and Faller C.

    Jess wills

    Jess wills

    Operations Manager

    Jess began his Wildland Firefighting Career in 1997, was certified as a Single Resource Boss in 2002 and in 2007 he became an official NWSA Lead Instructor. As an NWSA instructor, Jess has taught over 20 wildland fire courses totalling over 430 classroom hours. Jess is a Qualified Single Resource Boss, Crew & Engine, Burn Boss Type 2 and Faller C.

  • Josh hiller

    Josh hiller

    Emergency Services Coordinator
    Operations Manager

    Josh began his Wildland Firefighting Career in 1996 with Firestorm. Qualified as a Single Resource Boss in 2002, Josh has been training in the field and in the classroom. In 2007 he was officially certified as an NWSA Lead Instructor. Since then, Josh has been an instructor in over 70 courses with over 1400 classroom hours. Josh is a qualified Task Force Leader, Incident Commander Type 4, Burn Boss Type 2 and a Faller C.

    Dan Kelleher

    Dan Kelleher

    Engine Boss
    Wildland Fire Training Program Coordinator

    Dan started his fire career in 1977 with the California Department of Forestry, then spent several years with the United States Forest Service as a Firefighter, Engine Operator and Station Captain. From 1987-2003 Dan went to the structure side of fire, serving as the Training Officer for the Fire Department at Port Townsend, WA. He left as a Lieutenant and came to Firestorm in 2004. Dan became a certified NWSA Instructor in 2007 with Firestorm and has taught over 45 wildland fire courses for over 750 hours. Dan is a Qualified Single Resource Boss, Crew & Engine and Ignition Specialist Type I, Incident Commander Type IV, Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting and Faller C.

  • Paul cano

    Paul cano

    Loss Prevention Manager

    Paul Cano is the Loss Prevention Manager for Firestorm. Paul has 20 years in the fire service serving as a firefighter, hotshot, helitack crewman, law and prevention officer, crew boss, engine captain and a Battalion Chief with the BIA. During his time with the BIA Paul became involved with wildland fire training, arson investigation, wildfire vegetation mitigation and prescribe fire. Paul has both CA State Fire Marshal certification and National Wildfire Coordinating Group certification as a Chief Officer. Paul is a qualified Incident Commander Type IV, Single Resource Boss, Engine and Crew.

    stanley hankins

    stanley hankins

    Crew Superintendent with Firestorm
    Type II IA Handcrew

    Stanley is currently a Crew Superintendent with Firestorm on a Type II IA Handcrew. Stan has been teaching with Firestorm as Unit Instructor for the past several years both in the classroom and in the field. Stan is a Qualified Single Resource Boss, Incident Commander Type V and Faller B.