Manual Services

Manual services

Manual services, Firestorm

With Firestorm’s experienced professionals, wildland handcrews and engines, we can help you establish a strategy for improving your forests health that will meet your needs efficiently and effectively.


We can help with the varying different strategies for improving a forests, woodlands, or timber stands health. Whether you are looking to improve a timber stand by increasing growth rate and vigor, reduce the threat of wildfire, increase wildlife habitat or to simply create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy forest, we can help you achieve it. The most popular services include:


Thin and Pile / Pile Burn

Thinning and piling is simply the process of thinning out smaller, less desirable trees and/or brush in an overgrown or overplanted area and building piles with the debris. These piles will dry naturally and then be burned. This usually is a desirable strategy as it is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce the amount of fuel.

Manual services, Firestorm

Lop and Scatter

Another option is to thin a forested area of smaller less desirable trees and scatter the material on the forest floor. Overtime this material will decompose. Again, this is a more cost effective treatment.


If a forested area is already fairly well thinned, you can look at improving existing desirable trees as well as reducing the threat of wildfire by raising the canopy of those trees by pruning. The prunings can be piled to be burned later or scatter on the forest floor.

FirEStorm can also help you with

• Right of Way Clearing
• Handline Construction
• Pre-Commercial
• Thinning
• Plantation Release
• Tree Removal